A Free Parent Teacher Communication App That Just Works

ClassTag connects teachers and families with one easy to use app for all their communication needs. Remote, blended, hybrid, in person, we are here for you through it all!

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    Thank you for all your help! She couldn't have done it without your great support and guidance.

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    Thank you! What a great idea. Katie can't wait to show off her doctor outfit.

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    Congratulations to Sophia for being student of the week this week!

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    Tomorrow is our "When I Grow Up" Spirit Day! Students are invited to come dressed as what they want to be when they grow up.

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Your remote learning hub

Everything you need for remote learning success in one place

Bringing everyone together when you are apart is easier said than done and that is where ClassTag comes in with endless possibilities.

Messages, announcements, videos, pictures, library, calendar, parent-teacher conferences, actionable engagement stats and much

more in one place. And completely free!

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    • “ClassTag is transformational. I have never seen this level of parent engagement. A must have tool for every teacher!”

      Rebecca Karow Kindergarten Teacher, Success Academy, New York City
    • “What I love about ClassTag is that if I have something in my calendar, or that parents need to respond to, ClassTag sends them automatic reminders, so I don’t need to do any of that work.”

      Danielle Fugazzi 1st Grade Teacher, Now Assistant Principal, New York City
    • “We had the idea to have parents choose their own times for parent-teacher conferences...We implemented that with ClassTag, it was super cool. Teachers bought into it... it was fabulous!”

      Susan Oehlertz Technology Integrationist
    • “ClassTag has opened up the gates for teacher-parent communication! There's no more waiting for responses or risking lost papers getting sent to and from school. It is a super way to send reminders to parents!”

      Leslie Aden 5th Grade Teacher, Pocahontas Area Elementary, Iowa
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    Meet ClassTag

    Listen to real teachers talk about how they #MakeitHappen everyday

    One little win, and one breakthrough moment at a time.

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    The App

    Parents love our teachers, here’s why

    • Everyones Invited

      Everyone’s Invited

      Parents don’t have to download an app to join the party. ClassTag’s smart messages reach all parents based on their preferences and languages



      Mobile App


      60+ languages

    • Easy To Get Involved

      Easy to Get Involved

      Parents can participate with one easy click virtually or in person



      Volunteer Opportunities

      Donations and Supplies

      Parent-Teacher Conference

    • One Simple Source Of Info

      One Simple Source of Info

      Share classroom moments all in one place





      Files library

      Virtual student backpacks

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      Our parent teacher meeting is Friday at 11:30.

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      That’s perfect, I will see you there. Should I bring anything?

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    Bring Parent Engagement to your Google School

    The G-Suite tools you love now integrate with ClassTag to provide the most complete virtual learning platform

    Hold parent-teacher conferences on ClassTag with Google Meet
    Sync your Google Calendar with ClassTag events
    Use ClassTag quick links for shortcuts to important G-Suite tools
    Upload YouTube videos directly to your ClassTag feed
    Store and exchange important files with Google Drive and ClassTag’s Student Backpacks
    Engage parents right from your Google Classroom coming soon!

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      You just redeemed your ClassTag Rewards!

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    • Package Opened

      $3 Million

      In free supplies, gift cards and edtech for ClassTag teachers, just in 18/19.

    Classtag rewards

    And We’ve Got Some Generous Friends

    Our Brand partners help support teachers, by making millions of dollars of free classroom supplies, software and other goodies available to our teachers through ClassTag Rewards.

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    Accessible, safe and even better than free.

  • Were No Fangirls

    Works on Any Device

    ClassTag works on any phone (smart or not-so-smart), computers, tablets, iOS and Android.

  • Private and Secure

    We’re FERPA certified by iKeepSafe and take the utmost care with your community’s privacy. Configure what parents can do and see as you wish.

  • Free With Benefits

    Free, With Benefits

    ClassTag is free for teachers and parents. Active classrooms unlock free supplies for the class through ClassTag Rewards, courtesy of our supporting partners.

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    Parent Teacher Communication Made Easy With Our Free & User Friendly App

    Your students deserve the ultimate tag-team. And we’re here to support amazing teachers like you. Let’s make it happen!