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Who We Are

Gone are the days where parents have to dig through the bottom of their child’s backpack only to find months old permission slips, volunteer requests, and teacher newsletters. Here at ClassTag, we provide a free communication platform for teachers to communicate with parents of grade school students on various topics including: classroom announcements, volunteer sign-ups, and parent/teacher conference scheduling through curated newsfeed content and direct messaging capabilities.

ClassTag plays an integral role in parents' daily routines helping them stay organized and up-to-date on their child’s educational needs. Our U.S. only communication platform is compatible via desktop and mobile web as well as in-app across multiple devices.

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A Unique Media Opportunity

Brands have the unique opportunity to be integrated into the ClassTag platform and reach a safe, targeted, and highly engaged digital audience. Custom display and video media units are tastefully positioned within the ClassTag platform - never cluttered keeping in mind our user experience and designed to achieve optimal results for brand partners.

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Our Give-Back Model

Thanks to the support of our incredible brand partners, ClassTag has remained a FREE communication resource that parents and teachers depend on daily. Not only does advertising keep our platform free, but a portion of our advertising proceeds help fund classroom supplies and resources to lessen the out of pocket expenses for teachers through our teacher Rewards program.

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    According to

    “94% of public school teachers spend their own money on classroom supplies without reimbursement.”

Our Influential Audience

The ClassTag user base is comprised of over 5MM teachers and parents that are actively engaged in childhood development and education. Brands have the opportunity to capture the attention of these key household decision makers across the country by advertising with ClassTag.

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5 Million Parents

Key Household Decision
Makers with Spending Power

92% of moms are more likely to purchase from brands that support their community or a shared cause.


450,000 Teachers

Social Influencers
in their Communities

The ClassTag influencer network consists of teachers (and parents) with a social following of 25,000-100,000 followers each.

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We Check All the Right Boxes...

Closed invite - only digital community. Login access required to enter
User content curated by teachers & parents
Brand safe, family friendly environment with uncluttered advertising space
Contextually relevant ad space with advanced targeting by user, geography, grade level, day part, and seasonal promotions
US only - presence in all 50 States
Carefully selected brand partners that fit our audience taste & demographic
Official Google for Education Partner with seamless G Suite Integrations icon
FERPA iKeepSafe Certified
Brands are welcomed as supporters of childhood education through ClassTag ad revenue donations
A Student Communication Platform
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Sharable User Data
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Accepts Ad Networks
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    • Multi-Channel Ad Products
    • Dedicated Brand Emails
    • Social Activations & Influencer Marketing
    • Contests and Sweepstakes
    • Sampling Opportunities
    • Custom Content
    • Supply List
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    • Dedicated Brand Emails Min
    • Social Activations & Influencer Marketing Min
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    What We Offer Brands

    We build custom media solutions and promotional programs for our advertisers that live within the ClassTag ecosystem through...

    • icon Multi-Channel Media Display & Video Ad Products
    • icon Dedicated Sponsor Emails
    • icon Social Activations & Influencer Marketing
    • icon Contests & Sweepstakes
    • icon Parent/Teacher Product Sampling Opportunities
    • icon Custom Content with In-house Asset Creation
    • icon Sponsorable platform specific features such as Rewards, Supply List & Wish List

    Results Driven Campaigns

    Here at ClassTag, we take pride in our brand partnerships, and ensure client satisfaction with each campaign through strategic targeting and real-time optimizations.

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    ClassTag’s average CTR is 66% higher than the industry average

    *Industry Display Average CTR is 0.35%

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    The average ClassTag user spends 10 minutes per visit on the platform
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    ClassTag users access the platform at least 4-5 times per week...totaling more than 20 times per month!

    Our Valued Partners

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    What our Advertisers are saying…

    icon With the right optimization recommendations, ClassTag gave us the best conversion we have seen and helped us learn about our core targets.
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    icon ClassTag has a very unique platform that allowed HP to focus on driving sales to our targeted audience.


    icon We are very pleased with our partnership with ClassTag and look forward to expanding it further with coupons, UGC and creative activations.


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    ClassTag Heroes

    Each quarter, ClassTag recognizes outstanding brand partners that have demonstrated exceptional service to the ClassTag community. Award recipients are deemed “ClassTag Heroes” and are identified as brand leaders in their respective categories. ClassTag Hero recipients unlock access to exclusive offers such as a first look at seasonal sponsorship opportunities, custom brand research studies, and co-branded ClassTag promotions.

    Congratulations to our 2020 Q2 ClassTag Hero recipients!

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