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It’s Time to Stop The Communications Chaos

ClassTag Connect is an all-in-one family engagement platform built for district leaders that solves the problem of fragmented and siloed communications once and for all.

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Student Success is Only Possible with Consistent Family Engagement

The best predictor of student success is a family’s involvement and encouragement in their child’s education.


ClassTag Connect Unifies Communication Like Never Before


Unified Family Engagement for All Stakeholders

ClassTag Connect allows you to reach families the way they want to be reached:

  • icon Seamless communication across your school community including: classroom, school and district
  • icon Emergency notifications instantly routed to all contacts
  • icon Multi-channel reach: SMS, email, voice-message, social-media, and paper
  • icon Automatic translation into 100+ languages
  • icon Consistent district branding

Eliminate Tedious Tasks

  • icon Simple contact information management system gives families the opportunity to keep their information up-to-date
  • icon Easy management of complex family structures with customized communication preferences for each guardian
  • icon Smart reminders for events, conferences, and sign-ups
  • icon Automatic flagging of inaccurate information for teachers and staff to take action
  • icon Quick identfication of at-risk families

Move from Mass Notification to Interactions that Matter

  • icon Enable two-way engagement to go beyond mass notifications and hear from parents directly via group messages and comments
  • icon Increase attendance of parent-teacher conferences and events
  • icon Guarantee important documents get seen with virtual backpacks
  • icon Ensure all students have the supplies they need with ClassTag Goods

Full Control and Visibility

  • icon Comprehensive reports provide actionable insights into key issues, including:
  • Family reach and readership

    Two-way engagement

    Events and parent-teacher conference participation

    Communication effectiveness

    Teacher effectiveness

  • icon Automatic content monitoring to identify threats and cyberbullying
  • icon Easily accessible family engagement logs and archives for quick state and grant reporting

The Only Engagement Platform You’ll Ever Need

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Swap your chaotic mix of district social media pages, apps, websites, and non-compliant classroom communication apps for a single platform that supports all stakeholders.

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Empower your teaching staff with one complete platform that’s easy to use and support.

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Enable access to all communications and resources in a simple, centralized location - no more jumping from platform to platform to know what’s going on at school.

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How does ClassTag Connect fit into my district?

Your district has its SIS, emergency communication and LMS platforms, while teachers use a mix of parent communication apps.

That’s where ClassTag Connect comes in. Our platform unifies everyday and emergency communications, cascading them seamlessly across your entire district.

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    What is Included with ClassTag Connect

    See how ClassTag Fits into my Tech Stack


    For Teachers


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    ClassTag Connect

    For Schools and Districts


    See in Action

    Automatic translation into 100+ languages
    Message routing to multiple channels: SMS, email, app, web, paper
    Readership receipts
    Parent-teacher conferences
    Two-way engagement with comments and responses
    Supplies and parent contributions
    Google Classroom integration
    24/7 live user support
    Message routing to voice broadcasts and social media
    Cascading district, school and classroom communications
    Emergency notifications
    District and school branding
    Parent communication logs
    Content moderation for threats and cyberbullying
    School and classroom activity reports
    Family engagement reports
    Classroom communication report
    Teacher effectiveness report
    Easy adoption and integration with SIS, Clever, Classlink
    Staff professional development
    Google Integrations

    The Best Unified Engagement Platform that Supports Google Schools

    • icon Provide parents valuable access to Google Classroom grades, assignments and materials
    • icon Teachers can use our proprietary Google Classroom Chrome Extension to send messages directly from Google Classroom in their browser
    • icon Remove all barriers to entry for families: hold virtual meetings with Google Meet integration, use Google Drive and Google Docs to access important information, sync events with Google Calendar and much more!

    Connect your SIS for Seamless Rostering

    Connect syncs with Clever and Classlink, so parents don’t have to create accounts. We can even handle rostering for you!

    • icon Onboard quickly and easily with automated rostering via Clever and Classlink - parents don’t have to create multiple accounts
    • icon Receive support from real people with an average response time of 20 minutes
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    • "The single biggest benefit of using ClassTag Connect has been the consistency and ease of all our classes and parents knowing where communication is coming from. It is a quick and friendly way for parents to know what is happening during the school day.”

      R.C., Vice Principal
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    • "Last year, nurses needed to call parents 1:1 every time there was a case. ClassTag allowed us to confirm the case without having to make a phone call. I can’t stress enough what a lifesaver it has been for me and my personal time. I see other admins spending additional hours making these calls because they are not optional. ClassTag setup this gave our committed teachers a manageable way to communicate.”

      Reuben Bellows, Principal at Earl Harris Elementary School

    Privacy and Security Compliant

    We're FERPA certified by iKeepSafe and take the utmost care with your community's privacy.

    We don’t require or store any student contact data. Configure what parents can do and see as you wish.

    Privacy policy