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EdTech Toolkit for Remote and Hybrid Learning

EdTech Toolkit for Remote and Hybrid Learning

There is an overwhelming amount of educational technology (EdTech) choices this school year. You’re having to choose EdTech that not only fits the needs of your students and families but also adheres to district-mandated technology. It may feel like you don’t have the time to make the best choices for your classroom. We know you need help narrowing down what apps fit your classroom needs AND your style of teaching. We’ve put together a list of best practices and EdTech for remote and hybrid learning so you can create the ultimate EdTech toolkit!

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What are my EdTech toolkit needs for remote or hybrid learning?

What EdTech you may need for your classroom, might be different than another teacher. It is important that you assess the needs of your classroom and your style of teaching. Here are some questions to help you get started:

  • What is my comfort level with educational technology?
  • Do my students and their families have access to technology?
  • How much time do I have to learn and setup technology?

Comfort Level with EdTech

Are you comfortable learning multiple EdTech platforms, or do you prefer to master only a few apps? No matter your technology skill-level, there are some must-haves for any classroom!

If you’re newer to EdTech or prefer traditional learning, you can start with just a few apps. Hybrid or remote teachers will need parent-teacher communication, a Learning Management System (LMS), and a way to present content. Having an EdTech app for each of these categories will set the foundation for your EdTech toolkit.

Remote Learning Hub

If you’re looking to explore other EdTech or feel comfortable with technology, try adding other apps. EdTech apps that support subject area content, student collaboration or social-emotional learning are a great place to start!

Accessible Technology for Students and Families

Consider your families and how they will access your communications and content. Not all families and students have access to laptops or computers, and some families share technology. Also, it is important to keep in mind that not all students and family are tech-savvy and you’ll need to provide additional support.

Luckily many EdTech apps are available on multiple devices and we have some tips to help get your families comfortable with EdTech!

Saving Time with EdTech

The learning curve and amount of time it takes to learn a new platform can be discouraging. Adding a platform to your toolkit is an investment in time and energy. It is best to choose platforms that integrate well with platforms you are already using as it will save time.

There are some great platforms out there that integrate with other platforms, and can save you time!

Best EdTech Platforms for your Remote or Hybrid Learning Toolkit

Best for Direct-Instruction During Remote and Hybrid Learning

Everyone learns differently. Instruction can come in a variety of “packages”, but many teachers have found that video recording or video conferencing is a great starting place to deliver content.

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Learning in Real-time

For remote and hybrid learning, the best way to get your students to learn at the same time is through video conferencing. The two apps teachers use are Zoom and Google Meet. Both apps allow you to connect with over 200+ students at one time, allow you to share your screen, and record the meeting.

Many schools have purchased access to Google Meet as part of GSuite for Education. Google Meet is considered to be a more user-friendly platform for teachers, parents, and students.

Pro-tip: Google Meet is perfect for remote parent-teacher conferences. ClassTag not only helps your coordinate conferences, it also automatically sync with Google Calendar and add a Google Meet link.


Zoom is another great solution for synchronous learning. Zoom takes a bit more time to set-up, but comes with features that make learning more engaging such as: reactions and break-out rooms.

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Flexible Learning

Asynchronous learning happens without real-time interaction and can happen anywhere, at any time. Delivering content that students can re-watch, or watch on their own time can help them grasp concepts at their own pace. With Loom you can record your screen and talk a student through a concept. Afterward, you can share the video recording.

Pro-tip: Video recordings are great for helping families learn new EdTech! Avoid wasting valuable time by pre-loading EdTech tutorials on ClassTag for parents and students to watch together!


Best for Learning Management and Organization During Remote and Hybrid Learning

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Learning Management Systems (LMS) are platforms designed to help hold student information and facilitate learning. This year, many teachers are in districts that are mandating an LMS. Examples can include Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, or Canvas.

If you are looking for an LMS that helps you “manage and assess progress” for students, and isfree for teachers, Google Classroom is your best choice. Google Classroom simplifies teaching and learning while strengthening student connections. You can easily create and share assignments, grades, and comments.

Pro-tip: Google Classroom and GSuite for Education plays well with ClassTag! Import your student roster from Google Classroom, right into ClassTag!

Best for Parent, Teacher Communication During Remote and Hybrid Learning

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Reaching every parent during remote learning can be even more difficult than in a traditional classroom setting and can put students at risk of slipping behind. With the confusion of how schools are going back in session, don’t get caught off-guard. Get set up with ClassTag, a parent, teacher communication app and start connecting with EVERY parent!

ClassTag will bring your parent communication to the next level with an all-in-one solution, including:

  • Direct messaging with automatic translation in over 60 languages
  • Virtual Classroom Library to organize, store and share important files
  • Event coordination that syncs with Google Classroom and Google Meet
  • Integrations with Google Classroom, Meet, Calendar, Drive, and YouTube

Reaching every parent is important. ClassTag allows parents to pick their preference in communication and they don’t even need the app to receive communications! Best of all, ClassTag is completely FREE.



Best for Subject Area Content During Remote and Hybrid Learning

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Technology can enrich and support student skills in the remote and hybrid learning environment. There are a number of EdTech platforms that concentrate on a subject area and will make learning exciting. Here are the best apps for subject area content:

Epic!Students can choose and build their virtual library and teachers and parents can set and monitor content. This app supports and rewards reading in and out of the classroom.

Prodigy MathProdigy has made a fun, gamified way to learn and practice math. Prodigy’s platform also helps you differentiate instruction, boost student achievement and focus on hard to learn concepts.

News-O-Matic Bring current events into the classroom to help support critical thinking and reading skills. News-O-Matic articles connect students to the world around them.

Toca Nature: Students will work on creating and building an environment that will sustain plants and animals, with the choices they make. The Toca line of apps is great for in class and at home!

Best for Student Collaboration During Remote and Hybrid Learning

Remote and hybrid learning doesn’t mean the end to student collaboration! Students can collaborate synchronously and asynchronously with EdTech such as Padlet, Flipgrid, or Kahoot!

07 (1)

Flipgrid allows teachers, students, and families to collaborate and engage through video. Best of all it is free and easy to setup.

If you’re looking for a feature-rich way to get students to collaborate and learn together, Padlet is a great all-in-one solution. Students won’t need to sign-up and will be able to collaborate by sharing their writing, videos, images, and more, in real-time!

Kahoot! is a student-approved, teacher favorite quiz platform. Use Kahoot! to check for understanding in a FUN, exciting way that will get students on the edge of their seats!

Best for Social-emotional Skills During Remote and Hybrid Learning

06 (1)

Building skills and supporting social-emotional learning is just as important when teaching and learning remotely. You’ll want a platform that helps students build skills and learn mindfulness while learning.

Adventure2LearningKeep students active while learning. Adventure2Learning supports learning and mindfulness while getting students moving and using their bodies.

Pro-tip: Did you know you can get Full Access to Adventure2Learning, for FREE, when using ClassTag Rewards? ClassTag Rewards gets you much needed supplies, just for using the platform!

Peardeck– Actively engage students during individual and social learning through Peardeck. With Peardeck Slides, teachers can see students who are actively engaging and who need additional support.


By adding parent, teacher communication, a learning management system, and a way to deliver content, your EdTech toolkit is sure to be a success! Remember to keep it simple and when you feel that you’re ready, add other EdTech to your toolkit!


Do you need a FREE, all-in-one parent-teacher communication platform that just works?

Add ClassTag to your EdTech toolkit and go #BacktoSchoolStrong!


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