Announcements / Aug 10, 2018

5 Amazing Deals on Edtech and Supplies, Available Through ClassTag Rewards

By Samantha Hall

Welcome back teachers!  

I know most of us are frantically getting our classrooms together, drawing up lesson plans and filling in our calendars.  Add in meetings and it isn’t hard to understand why the first few weeks back to school can be some of the most stressful of the year.

While putting together your classroom, you probably took stock of your supplies and made note of what you’d be purchasing this year.  Many of us spend our own money to get our classrooms up and running. What people might not know is the amount of money we spend on items that aren’t considered supplies. Personally, I’ve spent quite a bit of money for premium access to well-loved websites and amazing lesson plans.

That’s why I wanted to share that ClassTag has launched the Rewards program (similar to Scholastic points) that helps teachers get much needed supplies and resources completely FREE by simply improving their parent communication with ClassTag. If you signed up already, please go directly to Rewards tab to see what’s in store, otherwise take a minute to sign up and you will get instant access to exclusive offers. You will be amazed by all the resources teachers can get from  Amazon gift cards to wipes that we buy all the time to STEM kits and even chromebooks! 

ClassTag teachers can get free and discounted supplies, gift cards and software. Just for doing their parent communication through ClassTag and sharing ClassTag with other teachers.


To make your back-to-school experience as easy as possible, I went ahead and found 5 fantastic back-to-school Rewards offerings:


Classcraft (1 month free Gold Membership):  With Classcraft, students can battle monsters and complete quests through positive behavior and collaboration.  This is a great tool to start out the year and continually keep your students engaged.


Nearpod (1 month free): With over 6,500+ already made interactive lessons (or you can create your own), Nearpod is a great way to get your students familiar with technology from day one while providing an engaging, multi-dimensional approach to online learning.


Insert Learning (2 months free): A perfect addition to Google Classroom, Insert Learning makes any website a personalized, interactive lesson along with the ability to give feedback in real-time.  Be sure to check out their unique requirements, as Insert Learning works best as an add-on.


Storyboard That (3 months free): Presenting information and proving competency doesn’t have to be boring!  Storyboard That is a great resource to help you connect with students through the use of digital storytelling.


Yoobi (special 25% off sitewide):  Providing everything from crafting materials to classroom basics, Yoobi’s take on supplies is funky and smart.  You can access this special offer right away once you sign up. What a treat  ;-)  Give it a try today! 


You might be asking yourself how you can earn these offers from the Rewards Program.  You can start earning ClassTag Coins right away for every teacher you refer to ClassTag and will get ClassTag Coins every months based on your parent engagement using the platform. First engagement coins will be distributed in the beginning in September to all active teachers.

If you would like to learn more, sign up for a free ClassTag service and take a look around.

With that, I hope everyone has a great start to the year!  

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