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5 Great Summer Books For Teachers

5 Great Summer Books For Teachers

Summer is the perfect time for teachers to rest and reflect. Relaxed minds are open to new ideas, and the possibilities of a new classroom of students are energizing and full of hope. Looking for a place to start? Grab a lawn chair, a cold drink, and enjoy the sunshine with one of ClassTag’s great summer books for teachers!

As remote learning grows, it is important to know how to use edtech to reach your students effectively

  • Teach Boldly: Using EdTech for Social Good by Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams offers teachers a guidebook of resources to transform their lessons to merge the worlds of technology, empathy, and global awareness. This toolkit prioritizes the need for storytelling and creative expression in education and directsBooks for Teachers: Teach Boldly by Jennifer Williams teachers on how they can reimagine their learning spaces to magnify the student voice through meaningful collaboration. In this uncertain time in education, break the mold of digital learning. This book will remove the barriers of your classroom and empower your students to take proactive measures as the world changers they are destined to be.

Edtech and e-learning are ever-evolving aspects of teaching. We have several posts that help you stay up to date with the growth and changes to technologies in the field of education

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Cultural growth and social change can impact your students’ worlds and your classroom

  • Anti-Bias Education for Young Children and Ourselves by Louise Derman-Sparks

With the current social climate of our world, teachers have been searching for ways to redefine their classrooms to make them more culturally inclusive. Anti-Bias Education outlines four core goals to recognize and confront prejudice and misinformation in the educational setting. Teachers receive guidance on how they can direct their students to find pride in their identity, celebrate diversity, take a stand against injustice, and be empowered to act against discrimination. This is the manual everyone has been looking for to address the current events of our nation and breathe the winds of change into the social dynamic of our schools.

Empathy is a powerful teacher resource

  • I Wish My Teacher Knew: How One Question Can Change Everything for Our Kids by Kyle Schwartz

I Wish My Teacher Knew was inspired when third-grade teacher Kyle Schwartz asked her students to fill in the sentence, “I wish my teacher knew_________.” The results became a viral phenomenon and took her on an inspiring journey to understand the lives of her students and the need for creating a supportive, nurturing classroom environment. This story is an eye-opening read that will reconnect you to the basic human needs of children and the baggage they have to bear each day on their learning journey. Schwartz addresses some of the toughest obstacles that teachers face with their students, such as transitioning schools, abuse, grief, and so much more. It is truly a heartfelt read that will empower you to better advocate for the needs of your students on a personal level.  

Fight burn-out by rediscovering your passion for teaching

  • The Power of a Teacher by Adam L. Saenz

Teachers face so many obstacles in their profession that it’s easy to lose sight of the calling you felt as a new teacher. Saenz will reconnect you to your roots as an educator and re-inspire your drive to change the world. This guide will ignite your passion while prioritizing your emotional wellness, a key trait of a powerful teacher that is all-to-often sacrificed to our students. The chapters take you on a wellness inventory of your own life. This helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses contributing to teacher burn-out and rejuvenate your spirit. Saenz reminds you of your needs as a teacher and how they drive your mission, reconnecting you to be the best versions of yourself, and ultimately, better serve your students.

Breaking the mold of what a teacher can be a way to help your students grow

  • Relentless: Changing Lives by Disrupting the Educational Norm by Hamish Brewer

Hamish Brewer does not fit the traditional mold of a principal, known as ‘The Tattooed, Skateboarding Principal. He shares his experience of growing up in a dysfunctional family plagued by addiction and poverty. He discusses how this has allowed him to better relate to the students in his life. Brewer calls teachers to disrupt the norm of desperation that overcomes so many of our children and create a learning environment that inspires them to be their best and believe that anything is possible. Relentless is his motto, and the story pushes teachers to think about the legacy they leave behind. Complacency is not an option when it comes to transforming schools and becoming the educator of your dreams.

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