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16 Must-Have Back-to-School Resources on TpT

Who ever REALLY feels ready for back-to-school? When your to-do list is a mile long and your work-life balance starts to shift, it’s okay to start looking for that proverbial life vest.

So, where do you find it? We suggest turning to Teachers Pay Teachers – a life-saving online educational marketplace that’s bookmarked on almost every teacher’s browser.

You know no one appreciates time-saving tools as much as we do, and TpT fits the bill. We think their slogan should be: “why reinvent the wheel?”

Without further ado, here are some great TpT resources we’ve hand-picked for you for back-to-school! Enjoy!

Mystery Box: Safety Gear & Lab Tools

~ From Sockmonkey Science

“Back to school science can get a little boring, especially when the first of the year standards are the same throughout many grade levels… safety and lab tools can get a little repetitive! This helps improve interest and engagement for your class.”


The Pigeon Has To Go To School: The Bundle

~ FromáSweet ‘n’ Sauer Firsties

“It covers anything you could ever need for fun back to school activities! The best part is that itĺs all based on The Pigeon Has to Go to School!”


Back To School: Bell Ringers, Brain Teasers, Brain Breaks, & Riddles

Original 2400603 1~ From Mister Harms

“Getting students back in the groove of school can be tough for a teacher. These brain teasers are an excellent icebreaker to start class as students can interact with each other and engage their brains!”


Monthly Newsletter (September-June)

~ FromáTeaching with Ms Suazo

“These newsletter templates will help teachers communicate with parents and saves so much time! Just open & fill-out!”


Kindergarten Writing Center

~ FromáThe Multicultural Classroom

“This awesome writing center will help all students be successful writing independently with sentence stems, sight word cards and visual vocabulary cards. Students even have a choice of paper to complete their writing assignments.”


Back to School Around the World Differentiated Reading Comprehension

~ From Common Core Kingdom

“This resource includes differentiated reading passages for 3rd- 5th grade about what school is like for kids in countries around the world. It includes leveled passages, questions, and response sheets.”


ELA & Math Alphabet Posters Bundle

Original 4671428 1~ From Southern Belle Teaching

“This is the perfect back to school resource because it helps teachers decorate their classrooms in a meaningful way. These posters use vocabulary terminology from ELA and math that students need to know. They can reference them during lessons or independent work.”


ME Show-N-Tell

~ FromáMrs Perez Teacher Tools

“This is a great get to know you activity for the beginning of the year. Students always love show and tell so it’s connected it with the me bag activity. It also includes a connection to writing. A great back to school activity!”


Growth Mindset Bulletin Board Display

~ From Lower Mountain Teachings

“Teaching students to have a growth mindset can be important from day one of school. These sayings help remind our students to stay positive and that mistakes are part of learning!”


Bright Classroom Bundle

~ FromáMiss Pipines’ Classroom

“This resource is everything you need to setup your schedule, homework, and calendar for the school year. With this bundle, you receive my homework club resource for free!”


Editable Lesson Plan Templates

~ From Organize and Educate

“I love using Google Slides to write my lesson plans each week. I have the flexibility to view or edit my plans where I am, copy them from week to week for easier planning, and I can save them on my Drive for the future. I created several templates for lesson plans to make getting started easy, AND a Q&A doc with some tips and tricks for simplifiying your lesson planning.”


Kindergarten Boot Camp

~ FromáKindershenanigans

“My Back to School Boot Camp resource is perfect for Kindergarten teachers to introduce important procedures in a fun way! We usually have our boot camp the second week of school, and dress in green or camo on Friday that week to celebrate learning all there is about kindergarten. The kids earn dog tags for cutting, holding a pencil, using glue, 3 star coloring with markers and crayons, etc.”


First Day of School Flip Book & Stations

~ From English Oh My

“This is a fun and an engaging first day activity to get to know the teacher and classroom. It is something different from the normal procedures!”


Greeting and Goodbye Poster Set

~ From Draz’s Class

“Great for setting some positive classroom routines and building relationships!”


Beginning of the School Year Unlock the Box Mystery

~ From Teach Without Tears

“This Unlock the Box Mystery is perfect for the first day of school. Your students will work in teams to get to know each other and their new classroom. They will solve 4 clues to unlock a box and get a special surprise. It’s a great way to welcome a new group of students to your classroom!”


Wizard Academy Classroom Management Bundle

~ From Gifted Teacher

“This Harry Potter (HP) inspired classroom bundle has everything you need to get your classroom up and running efficiently with beautiful and inspiring HP inspired clipart and fonts. With over 160 slides, you’ll have everything you need for your classroom management and organization to be on point in no time at all!”


Well there you have it! We hope these awesome resources help you out in your first few weeks of school this year. Be sure to check out more resources from these great teacher authors – they’ve got countless incredible products available!

Also, don’t forget to check out ClassTag Rewards for our frequent TpT gift card offers!

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