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Our Favorite TpT Resources for Black History Month

February is Black History Month and a perfect time to commemorate notable historical figures and events that have influenced the world around us.

Many of the following TpT lesson plans will encompass popular Black History Month events, such as the Harlem Renaissance and some notable Biographies. All Black History Month lesson plans are under $10 and we’ve even included a few freebies!

Without further adieu, here are our favorites:

1. Bio Sphere, Black History Month Bundle, by Clark Creative World (Gr. K-12)

black history month

This bundle covers 6 black Americans who have made significant contributions to our world history.  Clint from Clark Creative has a passion for sharing Harriet Tubman’s life story. He is amazed at all she was able to accomplish, which has helped to inspire this popular resource.

2. Harlem Renaissance Biography Cards, by Surviving Social Studies (Gr. 5-9)

black history month

Recognised for his extensive TPT store, Matt from Surviving Social Studies has created a way for students to identify what they think is important about each historical figure. Each trading card allows students to gather a very brief snapshot of who they were and what they did that contributed to the history of the Harlem Renaissance.

3. Black History Biography and Research Project, by Tied 2 Teaching (Gr. 3-6)

black history month

Lapbooks, complete with graphic organizers are a great introduction into research projects for upper elementary.  Tied 2 Teaching are a husband and wife team, and are renowned for their educational family road trips and countless National Park/Historical site visits. In awe of the incredible unsung heroes of Black History, one of their favourites includes Bessie Coleman, and the lengths she went to achieve her pilot’s license.

4. Black History Comp Files, by Leslie Ann (Gr. 3-8)

black history month

Reading comprehension shown through text evidence is a great way for kids to prove understanding.  Leslie Ann from La La Land believes that showing evidence is such an important skill for kids to use! These passages are designed to get kids to look back and find the answer in the text. Each passage comes with 5 questions, meaning this is a no prep resource! Just print, copy, and inspire!

5. Ruby Bridges Reading Passage, by Shelly Rees (Gr.4-7)

black history month

Close reading is great for improving fluency and reading comprehension with students, This freebie (yes, I did say free), by Shelly is a resource that has everything you need for a complete, successful mini unit on Ruby Bridges with all the guesswork taken out!

6. MLK ELA Activities and Crafts, by Pencils to Pigtails (Gr. PreK-2)

black history month

Introducing famous historical figures at an early age is the best way to go, especially with great lesson plans like this one!  Check out these fun, bulletin board friendly activities that will help strengthen your little ones’ ELA skills. Hilary has carefully chosen appropriate photographs & created a class book that emphasizes MLK’s dream of equality.

7. The Life Story of Harriet Tubman, by Heart to Heart Teaching (Gr. 1-4)

black history month

With an emphasis on vocabulary and writing, this lesson is an in depth introduction to one of the most famous women in the United States: Harriet Tubman. With over 600 resources available in her TpT store, Julieann has spent a lot of time researching, creating, writing, and proofreading her work. No doubt, this resource will top your expectations!

8. Martin Luther King, by Fabulous Figs, (Gr 1-3)

black history month

Here’s another fun, but very effective way to introduce the MLK to the smaller kiddos. This resource is also a freebie! With 25 ratings, all at 4*, for this resource, this fold and go booklet is the perfect go to for teaching Martin Luther King. Fast and effective, Lorena, from Fabulous Figs, has created this resource to build vocabulary, fluency skills, and reading comprehension.

9. Black History Project by Just Reed, (Gr. 2-5)

black history month

Using QR codes, students will read and learn about a plethora of different contributors to black history including Booker T. Washington, Frederick Douglas and Thurgood Marshall.  The end product of this project will have you getting just as excited as your students!

10. MLK Activities, by MissCurleysClassroom (Gr 1-3)

black history month

There are quite a few different ways to learn about great figures in history, and this is a really thorough and fun one!  This lesson plan comes with KWL charts, flip books and mini-books! You’re sure to find something perfect for your class.

We hope these TpT resources help your students learn important reading skills while being exposed to some of history’s greats.

As always, check out Rewards for a Teachers Pay Teachers gift card.  Questions about Rewards? Check out this help page or email us at  We love hearing from you!

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