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Parent Engagement System That Achieves Results

Featured Ambassador: Renee Angle, Fourth Grade Teacher living in Idaho

Question: How did ClassTag help you save valuable time inside and outside of the classroom?

Answer: One of the reasons Renee chose ClassTag is because it is a huge time-saver for hardworking teachers like her. Renee was spending multiple hours per week crafting and sending emails to her students’ parents, but ClassTag changed this! It created a system that consistently achieved parent engagement throughout the year.

“It has really helped me to streamline my parent communication by providing a consistent system. My favorite aspect of ClassTag is the automated weekly update paired with the custom message. This feature created a consistent system for parent communication in my classroom. I know parents will get an email every Friday at noon and I know my custom message needs to be ready if I want it included. Just the same, if I don’t need a custom message I know my parents will receive a weekly message and any event reminders without lifting a finger. No more working on Sunday to create a lengthy email you know many parents aren’t reading.”

Question: What are some of the features you have have utilized on ClassTag?

Answer: “I’m hoping to expand my use this upcoming year, but last year I used ClassTag for all events in the classroom so parents could understand what was coming up on a classroom and school wide basis so they could be in charge of those things.”

Question: How does ClassTag not only make life easier for you but for parents as well?

Answer: “The parents can post and communicate with you in a variety of ways within ClassTag. Parents can adjust their settings to accommodate their preferences about what they want to hear from you. It is totally customizable on their end. Parents can choose to receive an overview email in the form of a summary or daily emails.”

Question: Was it a challenge to get parents onboard with using ClassTag?

Answer: “I found and began using ClassTag in the last half of the school year. After polling my parents to determine what type of communication they preferred, I was encouraged the majority preferred ClassTag to other forms of communication. I am so excited to use ClassTag for a full year this year and get parents involved from day 1! I know ClassTag will continue to evolve and help me increase the home/school connection.”

Below is the Teachercast podcast that Renee and ClassTag founder, Vlada Lotkina were both featured on. Check it out!

  Renee Angle is a fourth grade teacher and current user of ClassTag. Renee has been teaching for three years and currently lives and works in Idaho. Parent EngagementShe pursued teaching after a successful 20-year management career in the retail lumber industry. She focuses her days on being an exemplary general education teacher and National Elementary Honor Society advisor. She is supported in everything that she does by her wonderful husband, 13-year-old son and two dogs!


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