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ClassTag vs Seesaw- Which is better for supporting remote learning?

ClassTag vs Seesaw

Reaching parents and keeping them engaged was already challenging, without the added burden of helping them support their child through remote learning. 

It’s important that you have the right platform and tools to easily communicate and share resources with parents. If we’re going to prevent an ever-widening achievement gap opening up during the current COVID crisis, we need to reach, engage and share learning resources with every parent in the class!

Comparing different platforms can be overwhelming, so we’ve pulled together a comparison of the parent engagement essentials, to help you make the right choice for your classroom community.

How is supporting remote learning on ClassTag different from Seesaw?

Which platform was designed for parent communication?

ClassTag is a free parent-teacher communication platform with everything you need to reach, engage and support every parent, no matter what back-to-school brings. We have been, and always will be about parent-teacher connections.

Seesaw’s mission and focus is on “students show[ing] learning” through a shared digital portfolio. The parent communication element is secondary.

Of course when choosing a platform, you probably want one that is designed with parent communication at its core!

Comparing features for reaching and engaging parents

Teachers are struggling to get in touch with parents while parents are stretched thin and don’t have time to learn new platforms. 

ClassTag is perfect for teachers looking for an all-in-one parent communication tool that supports parent participation and engagement in any scenario. Our users love that they can use ClassTag to reach every parent with messages, announcements, event-coordination, sharing student work and more (even in conjunction with Google Classroom).

ClassTag has been extremely helpful, because it is such an easy and effective way for us to keep parents up to date and be able to check in with them during this difficult time.

Jennifer Lutz, Middle School Teacher

Classtagseesaw1 (1)

Which can help me minimize the achievement gap?

Parent engagement and participation is one of the top indicators of student achievement. Reaching every parent during remote learning can be even more difficult than in a traditional classroom setting and can put students at risk of slipping behind.

Which is more accessible for parents?

Parent access to technology can have a major impact on important communications. Communication between teachers and parents can only happen in the Seesaw app, whereas ClassTag can reach parents through email, SMS, paper, mobile or web app. 

Communicating with ELL parents during remote learning can be challenging. ClassTag removes the language barrier and automatically translates in over 60+ languages.  

ClassTag also gives teachers smart, actionable alerts and recommendations, ensuring they are able to connect with harder to reach parents. With read receipts and parent-engagement stats, you can focus on the parents who are not receiving messages or participating and may need additional support and follow-up.

Classtagseesaw2 (1)


Which is better for Google Schools or Google Classroom educators?

Like Google Classroom and Google’s suite of tools, ClassTag is completely free for teachers and parents. We know how important it is for teachers to have access to a free stack of tools, and we’ve designed ClassTag to integrate with the full Google suite in a seamless way.

Google Integrations

ClassTag’s integration with Google Classroom and Google’s suite of tools keeps parents in the loop without any added frustration for you, the teacher.

With ClassTag’s integration with Google Classroom, teachers can save time with roster-syncing, with only having to add parents and students once! Additionally, teachers can direct message ClassTag parents with automatic translation in over 60+ languages, without ever leaving Google Classroom.

ClassTag helps streamline file sharing, scheduling and conferencing through integrations with Google Drive, Meet and Calendar. 

While SeeSaw’s announcements have integrations with Google Drive, it does not have integrations with Google Classroom, Google Calendar or Google Meet. 

Classtagseesaw3 (1)


Need to Hold Events and Conferences that ALL Parents Will Attend? (Even online)

ClassTag makes scheduling in-person or remote conferences and events a breeze by allowing parents and teachers to pick times that work for their schedule. 

Events and conference times will automatically sync with Google Calendar and add a conferencing link through Google Meet. This helps parents keep track of important event and conference information, all in one place. 

SeeSaw does not have the ability to create or coordinate via events. To have the same benefits as ClassTag, teachers using Seesaw would have to use other platforms. Teachers and parents using Seesaw would need to learn a multitude of platforms to support all the benefits ClassTag offers parents and teachers with event coordination.


How can I share student work with parents?

ClassTag and Seesaw both have a portfolio of student work. ClassTag’s virtual student backpacks house student work, but also provide a safe and secure area for important documents (e.g. IEP or 504 copies). 

ClassTag’s ability to let parents respond to stories with student work helps promote classroom community and collaboration.

Need an all-in-one parent teacher communication app that just works?

Go back to school strong with ClassTag. It is Free and always will be.

Join ClassTag

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