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6 Award-winning EdTech Innovators That Can Help Transform Your Classroom


We couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful experience at ISTE. Thousands of attendees visited our booth and offered amazing feedback about all the new features we unveiled at the conference. We built new connections, met amazing educators and picked up major awards to boot!

ClassTag has been selected as one of “The Top 10 Global EdTech Companies” by The Edvocate and received a prestigious “Best of Show” award from Tech & Learning magazine. The awards mean even more, because we truly are in great company. Read on to meet our favorite innovative EdTech companies that were the talk of the town at ISTE this year alongside ClassTag.

2. Cricket Media

Cricket Media team believes that challenging children’s minds and connecting kids to learn together does wonders for their confidence, creativity, and curiosity. We couldn’t agree more! Their multimedia programs connect students, parents, and teachers in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide to learn together—and from one another. Intrigued? Cricket Media is running a free family summer reading program this summer – why not forward it to your students’ parents to help prevent the summer learning loss?

2. Little Bits

LittleBits makes a platform of easy-to-use electronic building blocks empowering students to create inventions, large and small. Ultimately, the company’s grand mission is to empwer the next generation to have the creative confidence & curiosity to always ask why. To test ideas without fear and take feedback without ego. Kids interact with technology at all times, but this company encourages them to become inventors, not passive consumers. Watch the video below to see LittleBits in action!

3. Veative

Veative’s mission is to bring a better learning experience to schools, higher education and other organisations around the globe. Their cutting-edge mix of 3D, virtual, augmented and mixed reality educational technologies and content, enhance and enrich learning, and can be adapted to all classrooms, curriculums, and languages. The future is NOW: are you ready?

4. PivotEd

What if your lessons were as engaging as social media? PivotEd team makes it possible. PivotEd interactive lesson app allows you to move beyond using technology-for-technology’s sake and really integrate a device into meaningful discussion and learning. Responding to prompts on their device, every student has a voice in the discussion while the educator monitors understanding, pace, and participation.

5. XYZprinting

XYZprinting is dedicated to bringing cost-effective 3D printing to schools around the world. But XYZprinting doesn’t just offer 3D printers. They also initiated a curriculum exchange program for educators wanting to use 3D printing in their classroom. Using STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) principles, the program gives teachers the tools to develop students critical thinking using 3D printing. Check it out here!

6. ClassTag

We’re not the first to toot our own horn, but ClassTag new functionality, including integrated printing and translations, can be transformative for teachers who feel challenged by hard-to-reach parents who don’t have smartphones or are entirely offline. Our cross-platform approach is a major innovation, named “the future of parental engagement” by Ed Week. Curious why? Read all about the update here.

Have you missed ISTE this year? No worries – you don’t need to attend an expensive conference to learn and grow professionally. We’re working on an exciting online summer PD program, featuring some of the brightest minds and companies in education technology. But to make sure the learning fits your needs, we want to hear from you: what do you want to learn? Whose webinar would you like attend? Fill out this 2-minute survey and let us know!


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