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How To Get FREE Classroom Supplies By Doing ONE THING You Already Do Every Day

There is no doubt that teachers are paying for classroom supplies with their own money. In fact, according to USATODAY the average cost spent per classroom is just shy of $500 (and from what we hear, this is a low-ball estimate)! With many districts providing little to no funding, the New York Times reports that 94% of teachers pay that money out of pocket

With a teacher’s salary already on the low end, $500 is a quite a bit of money.  To expect teachers to pay this out of their own pockets, instead of spending their hard-earned money on their families, puts many teachers in a moral quandary. As a teacher you want your students to have the best environment to learn, and it can be hard to say no to that sticker price.

So, how do you take care of your family, but still provide supplies and an environment for learning?

Earning Supplies with ClassTag Rewards

Our team at ClassTag wanted to give even more support to amazing teachers, so we introduced  ClassTag Rewards to help stock your room with supplies while thank you for being a parent engagement all-star! ClassTag Rewards has more than $3 million in free classroom supplies and exclusive discounts available to teachers nationwide. ?We created ClassTag Rewards with two objectives:

  1. Promote teacher and parent engagement
  2. Help teachers with the cost of setting up and maintaining a classroom.

First things first, head on over to, sign in and click the “Rewards” tab.  Not sure where it is? We’ll help you find ClassTag Rewards in the image below. 

free classroom supplies

Alright, now that you’re ready to look around, let’s talk about how to redeem a reward!  We want you to try rewards, so we’ve even put added a reward you can test. Go ahead and click the “Try ClassTag Rewards”.

Now click “Redeem coupon”.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost any coins for this one! It just acts as an example to show you what the redemption process looks like.

Time to check your email.  Yeah, you might notice we’ve thrown in something fun. And yes, you CAN redeem most rewards multiple times.  We won’t judge you if you “try” ClassTag Rewards more than once. ? 

So you know how to redeem a reward, but you might still be wondering: HOW does Rewards work?  How do I earn ClassTag Coins?

Simple. There are two ways you can earn coins: parent engagement and teacher referrals.  Right now you can earn up to 500 ClassTag Coins a month, just by getting parents involved. Coins are deposited at the start of each new month from your previous months engagements.

Earn Through Parent Engagement

The more engaged you are with parents, the more coins you earn!  There are a few different ways you can do this.

Announcements: these are broadcast messages that you can send to all parents to share a great moment from the classroom, give them some tips and ideas for how to support their child or give heads up on something going on at school. You can upload pictures, videos, and files along with the announcement itself. 


Screen Shot 2019 07 03 At 3.28.40 PmStories: a Story can be made visible to all parents or parents of one student and are a great way to send a picture/photo privately to a parent. You can create a Story right from your home page and add as many pictures or videos as you like (parents love pictures!!). You don’t have to even add a message, just load up the pictures, and share!


Parent/Teacher Conferences: these can be one of the most difficult events to coordinate and we are excited to give teachers and administrators a very easy and intuitive way to get them scheduled and take advantage of the smart reminding system to boost participation.


Volunteer Requests and To-Do Items: ask for helpers to be somewhere at a certain time or use for chaperones and activities leaders. You can also ask for donations of a single item or require parents to complete a task.


Earn Through Referrals

If you want to earn some coins on the side, remember you can always refer a teacher!

From the referral page all you need to do is enter another teacher’s e-mail address, phone number or even share it via social media.  Make sure they use your unique referral code. This ensures you get credit for their referral. Check back to the referral page to see if your fellow teacher has signed up for ClassTag.  As soon as your referred teacher gets signed up and starts a classroom, YOU get to reap the rewards – 150 ClassTag coins per teacher! And what’s better than earning rewards by helping other teachers? When the other teachers get a reward too! You guessed right, referrals are two sided, which means you both earn ClassTag Coins!

Do I really get free supplies for doing something I already do: engage parents?!

Absolutely! We promise it is not just “too good to be true”.  We’ve had thousands of teachers take Rewards and get real supplies for their classrooms. Rewards include everything from classroom essentials, to popular EdTech free trials.

So what are you waiting for? ClassTag is 100% free, FOREVER and you’ll get free supplies just for joining and doing what you already do already: engaging parents!

Click <<HERE>> to explore ClassTag and earn free Rewards!

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