ClassTag Hacks / Jul 10, 2018

How ClassTag Can Help You Reach All Parents – Even In Difficult Districts

Many teachers have a great relationship with the parents in their class. Their contact details are up to date, they check emails, they download the app you invite them toand thats that.

But for many teachers, life is not so easy. Depending upon the area, you might struggle to keep parents in the loop due to:

  • Parents not downloading the apps that you want to use
  • Some parents have limited access to technology
  • Parents speaking English as a second language (if at all)
  • Contact details fall out of date
  • Poorly equipped classrooms, lack of donations

But did you know that ClassTag can help you overcome every single one of these roadblocks? Read on to see how 18/19 can be the year that you reach and engage more parents.

Parents actually get your messages, even if they never sign up or download the ClassTag app

Parents will receive communications from ClassTag right away, even before they accept your invitation to join. Naturally, their contact details are kept private from other members.


Send one message and have it automagically converted into the format that parents actually want

You send a message, directly to a parent or to the class.Parents automatically receive it in the way that suits them.

  • Automatic conversion to email or text based on preference
  • Available on any device


You send one message, ClassTag converts it based on the communication needs of the families.


Reach foreign-language families with automatic translation

Did you know that ClassTag can translate your messages into 50+ languages automatically?

You simply send your message, and ClassTag converts to the language of choice of that parent.

Either you or the parent can set the desired language.

Don’t worry, any replies back to you will be converted back to English 🙂


Avoid finding contact info is out of date just as you need it

ClassTag will highlight out-of-date contact details for you so that you can avoid sending messages and calls into the abyss.


Get confidence and clarity on parent communication

See whos in the loop and whos read your messages:


Know when to send a note home to hard-to-reach parents with automatic suggestions:



Get free classroom supplies and special offers for teachers

Does this sound familiar?

This is a totally unique benefit of using ClassTag,to take advantage of this years coming sponsors for 18/19 sign up today >>


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