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How ClassTag Can Help You Reach Every Parent (Even If Youíre Teaching Remotely)

How ClassTag Can Help You Reach Every Parent (Even If Youíre Teaching Remotely)

Direct parent involvement has always mattered, but the added challenges of COVID-19 make parent participation the cornerstone of student success. Parent engagement and participation is one of the top indicators of student achievement. Reaching every parent during remote learning can be even more difficult than in a traditional classroom setting and can put students at risk of slipping behind. With the confusion of how schools are going back in session, parents and teachers are scrambling to find working solutions for every scenario.

Supporting students and parents during remote or hybrid learning can be difficult at best. Even if your school is going back face-to-face, parent communication and participation will increase due to PPE procedures and requirements.†

With all of the uncertainty, one thing is for certain: parent communication is more important now than ever!


Weíre going to show you how you can reach EVERY parent with ClassTag, whether that is in person, remotely or a bit of both.

What is ClassTag?

We set out to create a free parent-teacher communication app that just works! ClassTag connects teachers and families with one easy to use app for all their communication needs. Remote, blended, hybrid, in person, we are here for you through it all!

How can I Reach Parents Where they Are?

With the diverse needs of families, finding a communication app that works and is accessible for EVERY parent (in EVERY back to school scenario) can be a challenge. With ClassTag, parents can communicate in over 60+ languages without downloading the app and can pick their preferred channel of communication. This helps you reach parents where they are, in the way they want to be reached. Letís dive in!

Reach Parents, With or Without the App!

Getting parents to start a new platform can be a challenge in itself. With ClassTag, parents who donít download the app will still receive your communications. Parents can be invited with an email address, telephone number or even paper printouts, and will start to receive messages as soon as their contact information is loaded into ClassTag.

Parents Pick The Communication Channel that Works for THEM

Not all parents and families have access to computers or smartphones. Getting in touch with parents in the way that works for them, may that be email, text, web, mobile app or even paper, ensures no parents are left out of the loop. Parents on ClassTag can choose what channel of communication works best for them, making it even easier to get in touch.


Reach Parents Who Speak Other Languages

Oftentimes ELL families are at a disadvantage when getting started with a new platform or app. For ELL families, automatic translation can remove the language barrier and help families have a positive setup experience. ClassTag allows you to tag the primary language of a parent and will automatically translate into that parentís language, helping you get parents onboard and communicating.

2 Way Translation (1)

How Can I Identify and Support Hard to Reach Parents?

Identify and Reach Parents Not Reading Communication

It is hard to know if notes, texts and emails sent home are read or if they end up in the trash (virtual or real). Knowing who isnít receiving important communications is the first step to getting in touch and supporting hard to reach parents. With ClassTagís read receipts, you can see exactly who is and isnít getting your communications. Knowing where to start saves valuable time and provides a sense of accountability.

Another issue you may encounter is parents who change their contact information or give incomplete contact information. ClassTagís directory is smart and will let you know if parents arenít receiving communications because their contact information is invalid. Giving you useful and actionable information makes it easier to triage what parents need additional support.


Invalid Contact Square (1)

Identify Hard to Reach Parents Using Built-In Data

Tracking who attended what event, conference and answered the latest communication can be tedious. Having usable and actionable built-in data, that help you assess who is and isnít participating and engaging can be valuable. ClassTag collects data on parent participation and communication to give you a snapshot of which families may need a little bit more attention and care.†

Want to reach EVERY Parent?

Join ClassTag: an all-in-one, FREE parent-teacher communication app that just works!

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