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The Most Influential Teacher Bloggers to Look Out For in 2019

“I saw it on a blog.”

“That idea came from a blog.”

“I learned how to do that from reading this great blog!”

They entertain us, they teach us, they inspire us. We now live in an age where information is so readily available to us that we have the luxury of choosing how we want this information presented to us. We even get to choose who we want to hear it from! The best bloggers out there understand this and have perfected the art of capturing our attention and honing in on our interests.

As teachers, we have a very special niche within the blogosphere (this is a word now, look it up!). We want to hear from those that have been in the trenches with us. We want to see content from those who relate to the struggles, the joys and the never-ending wonders of teaching.

And what do we do when we find an incredible teacher blogger?? We share them!

Here are our top picks for the most influential teacher bloggers of 2019:

Tales From a Very Busy Teacher

Marine lives in Southern California and has been teaching since 2009. She has taught 2nd, 3rd, 6th, and 8th grade.

I enjoy sharing teaching ideas with other educators. The blogging space has given me an outlet of creative freedom, too. I love collaborating with other educators and hope to inspire teachers and students with the ideas I share. – Marine

Marine blogs about classroom management, organization, beautiful bulletin board ideas and English language arts.

My post on growth mindset in the classroom was the most influential because it gave teachers ideas on how to implement effective growth mindset strategies with their students. Itís a helpful post because it promotes positivity, strong teacher student relationships, and easy ideas to implement the day you read the post. – Marine

Live Love and Teach

Kristin is a third-year, first-grade teacher in Maryland. She loves making learning memorable, enjoys classroom transformations and getting creative with bulletin boards.

I have dreamed about being a teacher since my second grade teacher left an unforgettable impression on me and made me fall in love with learning. I have a strong passion for crafting, creating, and sharing ideas with others. I am super excited to share my teaching experiences with you! – Kristin

EB Academics

Caitlin and Jessica are Middle School ELA teachers in California. They created EB Academics because they both love to teach writing and wanted to bring that love to other teachers.

I love that blogs allow other teachers an inside look into each other’s classrooms, lessons, planning ideas, creative activities, etc. Creating a community where I can connect with other likeminded educators has been such a benefit to my own teaching. – Caitlin

Our blog post titled, “How to Overcome the Three Mistakes Teachers Make When Teaching Writing” has been an incredibly influential post because the three mistakes we touch on are definitely pain points for many teachers when it comes to teaching writing. So to know that other teachers are experiencing the same things AND how to overcome those challenges has really benefitted those who have read the post. – Caitlin & Jessica

Mrs. Wills’ Kindergarten

Deedee has been teaching for 16 years and is currently a kindergarten teacher in Colorado.

I worked as an instructional coach, but really missed being in the classroom. So I jumped on an opportunity when a kindergarten classroom position opened up in my district. Once I was in the classroom, I realized I missed working with teachers… LOL! So a blog seemed like a natural extension of my years as an instructional coach. – Deedee

She aims to provide Kindergarten teachers with valuable resources, lesson plans, and activities to help enhance the effectiveness of their teaching and better their overall classroom environments.†

I would say my most influential blog post is actually a series of blog posts that I did on writing instruction – click here to read! – Deedee

Sweet Tooth Teaching

Yari is a South Florida educator and has taught second, third, and fourth grade. Yari blogs about multiple different teaching subjects

This year would have been my fifth year teaching. However, I had the opportunity to take on an administrative role at my school as Lead Teacher/ Reading Coach! I am able to serve as a mentor for new teachers, work with interventionist to design plans for struggling kiddos, and help teachers in any way possible! – Yari

Organize and Educate

Casey is in her fourth year of teaching and has taught 3rd and 1st grade. She is currently in her third year teaching 1st grade and loves it.

I enjoy being able to making meaningful connections with other teachers and share what has helped me on my teaching journey. I want teachers to feel supported, love their journey, and love their job. – Casey

I most recently blogged about challenges I have overcome since I started teaching. I think it’s my most influential post because people often want to share the highlights and the great moments with the world. Although these are helpful, I think there is real power in being real. I didn’t learn how to be a teacher overnight. It has been a learning experience and it’ s been hard. Like I mentioned before, I want teachers to feel supported in this career. I want to be able to share my struggles and how I have overcome them. – Casey

Ms. Williams Y’all

Megan is a fourth-year teacher in Dallas, Texas. She taught 5th grade ELAR, Science, and Social Studies for 2 years, 2nd grade last year, and is teaching 3rd grade ELAR this year.

I have always loved writing! I originally didn’t intend for anyone to read my blog aside from my mom. But a few weeks after my first post, I decided to share my blog with family and friends. I had several people tell me that the things that I wrote resonated with them or that they remembered similar happenings from teaching or being a student. This meant something to me! It meant that I connected with people who were reading my writing. – Megan

In August of 2017, I wrote a post called “How to Avoid Becoming the Grocery Store Teacher.” In this post, I talk about an experience I had as a child running into a teacher at Kroger and being bewildered that she was out and about and functioning like a normal human! I go on in the post to talk about ways to avoid being the kind of teacher who never sees your students except for at school. As I wrote this blog, I remember feeling refreshed and reminded of the things I needed to focus on to go the extra mile in that upcoming school year. – Megan

The Friendly Teacher

Hannah Wilde (formerly Hannah Friend), says itís her passion to help busy teachers empower the readers and writers in their classrooms.

Hannah writes about classroom management, reading skills, activity ideas and more. Her blog posts are upbeat, fun and motivating.

I enjoy talking about what I love and what I love is teaching! I love sharing ideas that others can use in their classroom. – Hannah

When asked about which blog post of hers she thought was the most influential:

In this article I wrote about how to plan reading instruction. I took a different approach to work on making reading instruction engaging and exciting to readers. It is also a way to make planning simple and easy! – Hannah

English, Oh My!

Kim has been teaching 7th and 8th English at the middle school level for 15 years on Long Island, NY. She writes engaging, exciting resources and ideas for English Language Arts classrooms. Her motto is “Engage. Excite. Simplify.”

Kim currently advises the National Junior Honor Society and also has 9 years of experience directing drama.

One of the wonderful parts of living on Long Island is that I am 40 minutes from Manhattan, and I have seen so many Broadway shows (Yes, I have seen Phantom of the Opera†7 times, as well as met the cast twice)! – Kim

The Teacher Talk

Jessica is a third year teacher and is always on her toes teaching first grade. She writes about a ton of different teaching ideas, including literacy and math resources. She believes that hands on, active learning is best.

I’ve wanted to be a teacher and an author since the third grade. My third grade teacher told my mom, “This little girl has to be a teacher someday.” I wasn’t the smartest students, but I loved helping my friends. – Jessica

And there you have it! We hope you find a ton of inspiration from these teacher bloggers!

Do you know any influential teacher bloggers that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!


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