Announcements / Aug 06, 2018

Introducing ClassTag Rewards for 18/19

Teachers shouldn’t have to go out-of-pocket to get their students what they need!

We believe that it’s time teachers got the support they deserve. That’s why we’re announcing†$3,000,000+ in free classroom supplies, software and tech for teachers as part of the ClassTag Rewards program!

And now, after a very busy summer, the†new ClassTag Rewards program is open! As of August 3, 2018, you will be able to start earning rewards just by using ClassTag for your usual parent communication.

Any teacher can take part, simply by signing up for ClassTag. (It’s totally free.)

What is ClassTag?

For those of you not familiar with ClassTag, it’s a totally free, all-in-one parent communication app that saves time and brings in free supplies for your classroom.

You can learn more about ClassTag here >>

What is the ClassTag Rewards program?

The new Rewards program is designed to help meet the educational needs of students while reducing your out-of-pocket expenses.

It works like this…

  1. You use ClassTag for parent communication
  2. You accumulate ClassTag Coins as you engage parents
  3. You then redeem your ClassTag Coins for free supplies and resources for your classroom

You heard right, you can earn rewards just by using ClassTag to engage your classroom’s parents!

What can I get with ClassTag Rewards?

The ClassTag Rewards Tab has plenty of options, so you can create an amazing classroom while reducing your out-of-pocket expenses.

You can redeem your ClassTag Coins for:

  • Essentials like erasers, pencils, wipes etc.
  • Premium software and edtech
  • Gift cards and unique bonus items!


The ClassTag Rewards Tab is where you redeem your Rewards. It’s full of goodies.

Sign up free to start earning rewards >>

How it works

You probably want to know how parent and teacher engagement can help you earn rewards, so let’s talk about how it works. Through parent engagement, you will earn ClassTag points which will automatically be converted to ClassTag Coins at the end of the month.

You’re probably wondering:†What is the difference between ClassTag Points and ClassTag Coins?†That’s a great question! †The short version: ClassTag Points are used to measure engagement and ClassTag Coins are used to claim rewards through the Rewards Tab.

So how exactly are ClassTag Points earned? That’s easy, here’s how:

  1. You invite parents to join your class and start using all the great features ClassTag has to offer – announcements, messages, scheduling conferences and setting up events and volunteer signups.
  2. As parents engage with your messages,†sign up for events and conferences etc., the classroom will earn ClassTag Points.
  3. On the first day of each month, ClassTag points will automatically convert to ClassTag Coins. ClassTag Coins are added to the Rewards Tab, where you can use them to claim your rewards. Our Rewards are specially curated to offer a range of products and services from popular companies.

Will you join 80,000 other teachers enjoying ClassTag Rewards?

If you’re feeling like it’s about time you get the support you deserve, then now is the time! All you have to do is†add your school and classroom to starting earning rewards.

Youíre on a mission to see every child reach their potential. But let’s face it: reaching some parents is tough… You have to spend half your time on communication and admin, and you spend your own salary to get students what they need.

Until now.

ClassTag supports you, as you support the next generation. Sign up totally free here >>

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