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Just in Time for the New School Year, ClassTag Rewards Give Families and Teachers an Easy Way to Engage While Earning Free Classroom Supplies

Teachers spend $479 a year of their own money on classroom supplies, according to the US Department of Education. That changes this school year when ClassTag launches its new Rewards, which allows classrooms nationwide to spend digital currency, called “ClassTag Coins” to access free school supplies.  

ClassTag is the free, easy-to-use collaborative platform that lets teachers effortlessly engage with parents. Classrooms earn ClassTag Coins when parents and teachers communicate, volunteer, or attend events such as parent teacher conferences. For teachers, the cloud-based ClassTag app is easy to access and use from any computer or smartphone at so classrooms can start earning ClassTag Coins even before school doors open as teachers begin to reach out to parents.

“ClassTag solves two of the biggest problems facing education today,” says Vlada Lotkina, CEO and Founder of ClassTag. “By making it easy for teachers to collaborate with parents, ClassTag assures frequent and meaningful parent-teacher engagement. And parent engagement is the single greatest predictor of a child’s success. At the same time, by rewarding engaged classrooms, teachers earn a digital currency they can use to access an array of free, much-needed classroom supplies, curated and available on our just introduced ClassTag Rewards.”


Classrooms Around the Country are Already Using ClassTag

Since its introduction last year, 80,000 parents and teachers in 2,000 classrooms rely on ClassTag to share updates of daily and weekly classroom events and activities, sign up to volunteer, schedule and manage parent-teacher conferences, publish newsletters, share classroom photos and videos, and communicate and collaborate on any number of classroom activities. “We engage the widest number of parents by allowing teachers to easily communicate in more than 50 languages on a parent’s preferred device via text or email, and even print copies for parents without smartphones or computers,” says Lotkina.  

Engagement has its Rewards

By focusing on wide and frequent engagement, classrooms quickly earn ClassTag Coins, that when redeemed alleviate the need for teachers to come out of pocket to buy even basic classroom supplies. The Rewards are made available through ClassTag’s partnership with national brands.

“ClassTag has literally been a Godsend for my classroom, vastly reducing the time and tedium I face when communicating with parents, while providing parents valuable insight into what’s taking place in our classroom on a weekly, sometimes daily basis,” says Jessica Horner, a special needs teacher in Somerset, NJ. “ClassTag’s willingness to share free classroom supplies is a brilliant way to reward and spur engagement. We have parents regularly using ClassTag to communicate, and that means the school will earn free supplies this school year.”

Items in the ClassTag Rewards range from learning tools and cleaning products to educational software and the latest technologies. It also offers books and magazines, gift cards from major retailers, items for class trips and parties, and essentials such as pens, pencils, binders, folders, and notebooks.  

The Rewards are funded through ClassTag’s partnerships with innovative consumer, retail, technology, and educational companies including Lands’ End, Renzo Vitamins, ABC Mouse, Kiwi Co STEAM kits, Speakaboos, Kids Academy, Adventure to Fitness, Miss Humblebee’s Academy, StoryBoardThat, Better World Education, ThinkCERCA, InsertLearning, among others.


ClassTag Rewards will go live on August 3. To sign up and learn more about how you can earn ClassTag Coins, visit:

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