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? How to Maximize Your Time At ISTE (even if you aren’t attending)

Teacher conferences: loads of PD, awesome eats, and the best way to fulfill your inner child and learner. ISTE, or the International Society for Technology in Education, puts on a yearly conference with some of the leading names in EdTech. Not only is it a great chance to see innovative new products, but it is a great time to get your yearly requirements for Professional Development (PD) out of the way. ?

Like every conference, you’ll probably start out with the best intentions, then come home with twenty pages of notes and no clue where to get started! Don’t worry, we have five easy tips to help you get the most out of ISTE (and keep semi-organized)!

?? Prioritize and Plan.

What is it that you want to get out ISTE? Maybe the most important thing is packing a year’s worth of subject area PD, or perhaps you prefer walking the Expo hall while enjoying neat STEM products and free teacher loot (hey, no judgement). Either way, do yourself a favor and download the ISTE app (search: ISTE2019 on Google Play or Apple Store). The app helps you to prioritize what Exhibitors you would like to see (they even have an interactive map) and plan the sessions you want to attend.

?? Remember to Network.

It is proven that collaboration between educators is a key indicator of a child’s success in the classroom. ISTE is a great time to meet other teachers! Networking is helpful for both professional and personal growth, allowing us to better connect with our students and parents. The more YOU learn, the more your students learn. Be brave, introduce yourself, and find a meaningful connection!

???? Social Media will be lit (or on fire)?!

Like to follow along with social media? Don’t worry, ISTE comes with a hashtag, so it is social media friendly ?. Many companies will have giveaways or pop-up sessions that will be announced via social media. If you miss a presentation or session, social media will give a chance to learn interesting tidbits and takeaways from other teachers – almost like you were there! To follow along, search for: #ISTE2019, #MakeitHappen & #ClassTag.

???? BYOD and charge it up.

BYOD, or bring your own device is not only a requirement at some of the sessions, but it also allows you to get hands on experience with the new tech you’ll learn about at ISTE. The majority of you attending ISTE will have a phone, but don’t be scared to bring a tablet or laptop as well. Remember: pack a portable charger, so you won’t miss anything!

?? Take Notes.

On the fence about bringing your own device or trying to travel light? We highly recommend you forget your pencil and paper at home and “let’s get digital”! Google Keep, Evernote, and One Note are all versatile apps with cross-platform sync-capability. This makes going home and sifting through your thoughts and ideas, much easier. For those of you who think pen and paper is the only way to go: try a stylus! Who ever thought you’d be learning note-taking skills as a teacher ?.

Attending ISTE is a memorable experience, packed with learning and meeting people. If you are attending ISTE, stop by the ClassTag booth #1456 and introduce yourself! ???????? We are super excited to put familiar names to faces! For those of you unable to attend, we don’t want you to feel left out! We have some fun ways you can participate and follow along on social media from the comfort of your own home.

Follow us on social media @classtag and we’ll see you there!

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