App Comparison / Jul 15, 2019

Parent, Teacher Communication App Comparison

With so many choices to be made during back to school time and so little time – technology can be a time-saving solution that leads to better communication. Unfortunately, figuring out the best parent-teacher app can be daunting. Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

What parent, teacher communication app is best?

We’re here to help you figure out what platform is the best fit for YOU and your classroom. We understand that you may have different needs in your classroom compared to other teachers. We’ve made a comparison chart of all the popular features teachers want in a parent, teacher communication app to make choosing the right platform, stress-free!

 As you look at the chart below, consider these questions:

  • Do you prefer a platform with exclusive parent/teacher communication or a platform with student-centered features such as portfolios and behavior tracking?
  • What time saving features are important to you?
  • How important is pricing?

Comparechart (1)

So, why ClassTag?

With features such as one-on-one conversations, video and picture sharing, weekly newsletters and event-signups, ClassTag is an absolutely FREE all-in-one platform that rewards you for engaging with parents!

“ClassTag is a communication tool that makes life easier for the teacher. It is a Signup Genius, Remind, calendar, and class website all in one!”

– Beth Lafferty, 4th Grade Teacher at Lipscombe Academy

Reaching EVERY parent can be difficult, but we make it simple with over 50+ language translations, parent-teacher conference scheduling, and the ability for parents to choose their method of communication!

Using ClassTag this school year was a game changer for me. It improved my ability to get a hold of parents on a consistent basis. I could announce parties, share pictures and videos, look for volunteers and the most amazing feature the self scheduling of parent teacher conferences! I love you ClassTag!

-Christine Sunkes, 2nd Grace Teacher at James Johnson Elementary


Not only is ClassTag absolutely free, but we also want to reward YOU for making it happen every day, in and out of the classroom! You’ll earn free supplies just for engaging with parents! This is what one of our teachers had to say about ClassTag Rewards:

“I love ClassTag Rewards, because I can earn free classroom supplies and gift cards for my classroom for doing something I do anyway—communicating with parents.”

-Krystal Lockler, 2nd Grade Teacher at Elk City Elementary School.


Still curious? Classtag is free forever, so give it a whirl! Create a classroom and join our amazing teacher community at ClassTag!

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