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Teacher-Parent Communication Apps: ClassTag vs Seesaw

ClassTag vs Seesaw

Choosing the right platform to use for the school year can be daunting. Comparing different teacher-parent communication apps can be overwhelming and time-consuming, so we have created this article to answer the question: How is ClassTag different from Seesaw?

Our goal at ClassTag is to support teachers and to help them get to the information they need; efficiently and quickly.

How is ClassTag different from SeeSaw?

ClassTag’s and Seesaw’s biggest difference lays within their target audience: SeeSaw focuses on student profiles whereas ClassTag is concerned with transforming the way you connect with parents. Another notable difference is that SeeSaw’s premium features require additional money, while all of ClassTag’s features are absolutely free!

ClassTag has made home to school connection so easy both before and during remote learning! It has over 50+ languages that can AUTOMATICALLY translate back and forth between English and a chosen language! AND you can earn points for REAL rewards!

– Alexa, Lincoln Elementary School, K-6 World Languages Teacher

Teacher-Parent Communication Tools

Both ClassTag and Seesaw have ways to communicate with parents, however ClassTag does have some bonus features which make it a quick, effective way to reach every parent:

  • Weekly Newsletters, which gives a summary of the important events coming up
  • Event planning with sign-ups for supplies and volunteers
  • Parent, Teacher Conferencing with calendar sync

Here’s a full overview:

Parent Support and Engagement

ClassTag has a suite of free tools that make organizing events and activities and getting participation. Seesaw’s main focus is student portfolios and activities, rather than creating teacher/parent connections.

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ClassTag is FREE. No up-sells, no gated features, and no subscriptions. Also free, is access to our incredible support team, here to assist you via online chat or email. To receive this level of one-on-one support from Seesaw you need to pay for a Seesaw for Schools; a premium account.

To see how ClassTag compares to other apps, read our articles:

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Reaching and Engaging Families without access to Technology

While both ClassTag and Seesaw have an automatic translation, only ClassTag has features for reaching all parents.

ClassTag gives teachers smart, actionable alerts and recommendations. If a family isn’t being reached via email or mobile app, the chatbot-inspired assistant will recommend printing a personalized paper copy of announcements, reminders, and schedules to be sent home in children’s backpacks to those harder-to-reach parents.

Additionally, ClassTag is setup to be a one-stop shop for parent engagement, with features including event planning, supply and volunteer requests, to scheduling Parent/Teacher conferences.

A Unique Solution To Teachers’ Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

As you surely know, many teachers are spending $100’s, maybe $1000’s of out-of-pocket, just on classroom supplies. But with ClassTag, you can finally get your students what they need and keep your salary.

Family-friendly brands want to support teachers like you. With the ClassTag Rewards program, they can do so through ClassTag as classroom supporters.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Use ClassTag for parent communication
  2. Accumulate “ClassTag Coins” as you engage parents through ClassTag
  3. Redeem your ClassTag Coins for free supplies and resources for your class


Teachers can redeem their ClassTag Coins for teacher offers exclusively available on ClassTag Rewards.

Still curious? Classtag is FREE forever, so give it a whirl! Create a classroom and join our amazing teacher community at ClassTag!

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