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6 Ideas to Simplify Parent Communication


If you’re committed to building a strong parent community, frequent communication is essential. Some common scenarios come up again and again: letting parents know about early release, communicating with volunteers or sharing special moments from the classroom.

Different situations require different types of communication, so how to achieve maximum impact without wasting hours on strategies that don’t work or overwhelming everyone? Here are our ideas for six common “communication scenarios”:


Scenario: Notifying parents about early release

Preferred communication method: A ClassTag Announcement

How it works: Because you want to reach parents instantly, it’s tempting to send a group message to all parents, but that’s really not necessary! Announcement are instantaneous and will help you deliver an important message clearly and succinctly, without creating multiple conversation threads that can quickly spiral out of control.


Scenario: An upcoming parent function or parent events

Preferred communication method: Schedule an Event and add an Announcement

How it works: Once the Event is added to the calendar, parents are automatically reminded of the activity – they will also receive a note in the automated Weekly Summary. Using this option will help you make sure that nobody is overwhelmed by constant notification – only parents who haven’t responded will get a reminder.

Pro Tip: ClassTag really does cover ALL of your communication needs! If you’re using it right, there’s no need to send emails or paper notes separately – parents will automatically get the notification to their preferred channel. You can also say goodbye to time-consuming paper newsletters – just print out the Weekly Summary for offline parents – everything is done for you!


Scenario: Communicating with volunteers or chaperones

Preferred communication method: ClassTag Conversations – direct group messaging

How it works: Because you want to reach specific people, there’s no need to create an announcement and bother everyone. Create a group message to start a conversation with chosen volunteers and clarify all the details right from the ClassTag dashboard or the mobile apps. Again, there’s no need to create an email thread or call every parent separately – get all issues resolved straight from your ClassTag inbox. Every parent included in the group conversation will get all the messages and all the reply.


Scenario: Discussing child’s performance with a parent

Preferred communication method: ClassTag Conversations – direct 1-to-1 messaging

How it works: Using individual messaging within ClassTag has so many advantages! The conversation is private and secure while everybody’s communication preferences are respected. It means that parents will receive your message by email or text depending on their preferences, and you don’t have to give your telephone number or email. No matter which channel parents wish to use,  all messages and responses land in your ClassTag Inbox.


Scenario: Sharing comments and updates about upcoming topics, projects and activities

Preferred communication method: A custom message added to the Weekly Summary

How it works: If you’d like to share general comments that don’t have to reach parents immediately, the best way is to add them to the automated Weekly Summary. This is a great way to add personal touch to the automated overview of upcoming activities that’s being sent every week.


Scenario: Sharing fun moments from the classroom and as-it-happens learning

Preferred communication method: An Announcement

How it works: Use an announcement to pictures or videos from the classroom. Announcement text can be brief – it can be a simple photo caption.  If parents respond, only the sender will get the responses, which will be shared by email and as a new ClassTag conversation in your Inbox.


Pro Tip: One of the key benefits of ClassTag is the fact that all communications are completely customizable  – parents can customize the preferred frequency and channel of all received messages (here).

Questions about simplifying communication with ClassTag? Join our “ClassTag Educators’ Lounge” – a user-only Facebook group or subscribe to our Youtube channel for in-depth training webinars and exclusive quick tips.

Additional resources:

Learn about ClassTag communication types here.

Get started with ClassTag here – it’s free for teachers, parents, and schools.

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