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How this special needs teacher got an extra $100 for her classroom (and you can too!)


Teaching children with severe language learning disabilities, Jessica goes above and beyond to get her students what they need.

Jessica Horner teaches in a Title 1 school with 70% ESL population in New Jersey. Jessica is deeply connected to her students and does her best to support their development. But with the school system notoriously underfunded, her commitment has its price – she often ends up paying for classroom necessities out of pocket.

Access to the right classroom supplies is essential to support the development of her special needs students. When the district resources were insufficient or arrived too late, Jessica couldn’t bring herself to compromise when it came to her students’ potential. She found herself spending over 1000 dollars per year out of pocket for classroom supplies.

“With my students, I simply can’t wait for the things they need. My district can provide me with materials,  but I recently got the supplies I ordered a year ago, so if there’s something I need urgently, I have to go and get it.”

When Jessica learned about ClassTag Benefits, she seized the opportunity to boost her classroom fund and use the additional earnings to better support her students.

“I was so excited to see the program because I was able to do something to get a little bit back – it’s not everything but it’s very, very helpful.”

Jessica turned excitement into consistent action,  informing parents about the program with announcements. She also encouraged some of the staff to join and even got her own family involved, encouraging them to shop through affiliate links that send cash-back to the classroom. She raised over $100 for her classroom in just one term.

With additional funding, Jessica can encourage students’ creativity and make sure they have everything they need for learning and development.

Besides securing cash-back from parents’ shopping, Jessica enjoyed huge success with one of the sponsor’s programs. She took advantage of the partnership to teach her children social skills, life skills, and practice sharing.

“We used Daymaker as a way to teach giving to others. I shared our Daymaker page with the parents and posted on social media, and we got a lot of involvement from that because a lot of people were really willing to help them out. I received a lot of support from coworkers, friends, and family when I shared it on Facebook and Twitter.”

Now, thanks to the secured funds Jessica will be able to buy additional learning materials for her students. She’s considering using fun board games to teach her kids important life skills.

“I want my students to be able to play while practicing turn-taking, sharing, and learning how to lose. They’re really bad at losing, I found out!”

Are you a teacher tired of making do with sparse resources? Help your students fulfill their potential and earn funding for additional learning materials and resources with support from ClassTag Benefits.



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